More about the GSWG

We are a vibrant group noted for our camaraderie and friendship. The backbone of our group is its walk leaders. These stalwarts plan routes through attractive countryside and/or urban areas, establish train times, and find lunch venues big enough to cater for up to twenty or more walkers and generally make sure we have an enjoyable day out.

We have just one class of membership with no reduced fees for anyone, not even committee members or walk leaders. Members may invite a guest to come with them on walks, provided that he or she has read and agreed to keep to the GSWG code of conduct.

The GSWG has a committee of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and two to seven members to plan the walks, send out notices, handle the money and promote the group as appropriate. No payment is made to any committee member or walk leader.

Any written correspondence from us to members is addressed to first name and surname (without Mr etc.) and envelopes bear only the member's address and "From PO Box 75600, London SW18 9QP"

Our bank account is with NatWest in Fleet Street; it is a minimal cost 'club' account and two named committee members must sign any cheques, etc.

We do not have to register with the Data Protection Register as we keep only names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses if supplied, and renewal dates on computer. Ex-members' details are deleted quickly.

Our constitution forbids the committee from passing members' details to any non-member or organisation and only in exceptional circumstances will the committee give one member another member's address, phone number or email address. Our constitution has been made as democratic as possible and it is available to read in the Members' Section of this web site.